13-Year-Old Helps the World See Differently Through 3D Printed Glasses


When it comes to 3D printing, there is much rave and excitement as the world considers the possibility of printing pretty much anything from the comfort of your own home. Businesses and venture capitalists alike are rushing towards the financial opportunities to be gained through what is being called the next manufacturing revolution.

Thirteen-year-old Ritik Mehta from Belgium, however, looks at things a bit differently. When it comes to 3D printing, Ritik was inspired by the idea of helping others who are in need.

Having first become interested in 3D printing at the age of 10 after designing his first pair of glasses at a TedxKids event, Ritik has since taken his interest in 3D printing to a whole new level.

Every year, the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel organizes a show called “Music for Life” to benefit the Red Cross. Ritik decided to host his own Music for Life event, in hopes of raising money to donate to Eyes for the World, a charity created to provide eyeglasses for children in Africa and Asia. How did Ritik plan to raise the money? By printing 3D eyeglasses, of course.

Ritik has said that it has been his dream to do something with 3D printing, and that dream continues, now that he has found the perfect opportunity.

During his recent Music for Life event, Ritik encouraged visitors to design their own eyeglasses, which he 3D printed. He then donated the funds that he received for printing the glasses to Eyes for the World.

“Lately I have been 3D printing my own custom glasses,” Ritik explained. “It was my dream to do something with it and now I have found the perfect occasion.”

Ritik’s drive to help others is an inspiration to the world, and reminds us of one of the hopeful ideas behind 3D printing, that perhaps one day the less fortunate will be able to print the things that they need. Ritik’s example serves as an extraordinary illustration of the wonderful things that can be achieved through 3D printing.