14-Year-Old Takes 3D Printing into Her Own Hands


With 3D printing technology being used in manufacturing, the medical field, and even aerospace, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this technology is now making its way into the classroom as well.

3D printing is seemingly a wave of the future, and it’s only natural that young minds would be interested in this technology. Of course, it’s generally not difficult to get young students interested in the latest technology.

While many schools, both in the US and UK alike, are preparing to introduce 3D printing into the classrooms, many young students are already taking things into their own hands. Take for instance, 14-year-old Amy Mather of Manchester, UK.

Amy was first introduced to 3D printing when she was 11, after she attended the Manchester Science Festival. But what really sparked her interest and inspired her to go further with 3D printing was the Fab Lab held in Manchester. Fab Lab holds open days for the public to come and use the 3D printing technology, which opened the door for Amy to use the software and technology.

Since then the 14-year-old has taken her ideas in front of audiences such as the Campus Party in London, the Wired Next Generation, and the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts. She also won the European Commission’s first European Digital Girl of the Year Award just last year.

So while the schools work out the details involved with introducing 3D printing, some of the students are already ahead of the game – seeking out ways to educate themselves outside of school settings. As for Amy? She is keeping a close eye on the latest developments, and is already taken in by the idea of the “3Doodler.”

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