2 New 3D Printed Products for Feet on Market

Last week saw official launch announcements from both Sols and United Nude for new 3D Printed products designed especially for the footwear market.

Through an eblast, I got news that Sols,  the custom orthotics company created by Kegan Schouwenburg, was officially launching their 3D Printed products.  The website has been updated and now current with how to order insoles that fit perfectly!  Check them out here!


For an entire 3D Printed shoe, women can now turn to the United Nude brand.  Partnering with 3D Systems, the designers of ultra cool footwear are 3D Printing products on the new Cube3 3D Printer.  Although it is engineered as a “home” or desktop machine, the little champ is turning out great looking fashion! AND these fantastic shoes are just $99 and come in 18 color options!! You can see how the process works in this United Nude web page.  The shoes are available in their New York City store, as well as for online shopping.

3D Printed Shoes from United Nude & the Cube3

3D Printed Shoes from United Nude & the Cube3