Monthly Archives: September 2011

Urbee: the World’s First 3D Printed Car

urbee 3D car

The new environmentally-friendly and highly efficient prototype vehicle, the Urbee (URban Electric with Ethanol), is a two passenger hybrid car whose body was made entirely using 3D printing.

Criminals with 3D Printers Cash In by Printing ATM Skimmers

atm skimmer 3d printed

We know that 3D printers will eventually take over the manufacturing of just about everything, but we didn’t think that we see criminals find a use for them as early as 2011. Last week the blog Krebs On Security brought to light how an ATM skimmer gang used 3D printers to create the skimmers and…

MIT’s Mediated Matter Group Uses 3D Printing to Mimick Nature to Create Efficient Structures

MIT 3D printing concrete

MIT’s Mediated Matter Group is researching “how digital fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to radically transform the design and construction of objects, buildings and systems.”

The Origo Kid’s 3D Printer: “I’m purple and make your stuff.”

origo 3d printer

The Origo 3D printer is a kids’ “toy” that will let them easily get the ideas out of their head, quickly designed with simple 3Dtin software, and then created.

Music to our Ears: 3D Printed Replica of a Stradivarius Violin

stratovarius violin 3D Printed

An EOS laster sintering 3D printer has product the world’s first replica of a Stradivarius violin.

3D Printing Used to Make Artificial Blood Vessels

blood vessel

3D Printers are now printing artificial blood vessels in the lab, and it may not be long until they are ready for use by doctors.

3D Printing is a disruptive technology for retailers

Ray Kurzweil in 2006

If retailers don’t understand the disruptive nature of 3D printing, they could be out of business in the future.

Is this the biggest RepRap printed object yet?

jim smith large 3D part

Jim Smith has printed what he believes to be the largest single part ever printed by a custom designed, RepRap based, home-built 3D printer.