2014 3D Printshow Has Made it to New York


The 3D Printshow, known as “the world’s hottest 3D printing event,” is an annual interactive 3D printing event that focuses the impact that 3D printing technology has on art, fashion, and movies.

Founded in 2012, the first 3D Printshow was held in London. The Printshow received so much positive feedback that in 2013 is had expanded from London to Paris as well. This year, the Printshow is going global, with shows planned for Dubai, Singapore, Berlin, and Moscow, and it’s arrived in the USA as well, with the show being held in the New York City Metropolitan Pavilion.

Kerry Hogarth, founder of the 3D Printshow, explained that the show is not designed to be a tradeshow – but rather an “experiential thing.” The show allows manufactures and designers an opportunity to show off their ideas, talk about what’s new, and explain how it works. “The idea is that you show people where the technology is and where it’s going,” Hogarth explained to Popular Mechanics.

The 2014 3D Printshow started in NYC on Wednesday, with 3D printed fashion and accessories. While it isn’t yet possible to 3D print fully functional clothing – due to the fact that there isn’t a 3D printable material used to make everyday clothes, there were definitely are some interesting takes on clothing and accessories including unique neckwear, headwear, masks, and other gear, ranging from the intricate to the totally bizarre.

Aside from fashion shows on Wednesday, there were also workshops and sessions on 3D printing on Thursday, which focused on ways that 3D printing can help businesses.

Friday’s focus was on investment opportunities, and a chance to learn more about the specifics of working with 3D printing technologies.

To close the show out on Saturday, the Printshow was open to the public with displays and talks.

The show featured events and a host of speakers including Bre Pettis of MakerBot, Samuel Bernier of le FabShop, Saswitha de Kok of Leapfrog 3D Printers, and more.

The show was “futuristic” as well as informative and exciting. We look forward from hearing details on some of the displays and events. For more information on the 2014 Printshow head over to 3D Printshow.com for all the details.