3D Printing Goes Couture: Jewelry Designer Uses Technology to Make High Fashion

A jewelry designer says 3D printing is helping make all her design dreams come true.

Couture design is labor intensive and that is reflected in the cost.

Using 3D printing technology, however, one designer says she can help make her designs both fashion forward and affordable.

“The first one, the first 3D printed machine, I just lost my mind. I can make everything! I haven’t had that much fun creating something since arts school,” Dilek Sezen said.

This April, she featured her 3D printed jewelry at a fashion show in New York City.

The designer is also selling her work on her website at a greatly reduced cost from her traditionally produced handicrafts.

According to Sezen, she sees the blending of her art and technoloy as the wave of the future and a chance to introduce others to the possibilities of 3D printing.

She also hopes once people see what she can do with 3D printing, they will also want to jump right in.

“As a designer, a pioneer, our job is to make them understand the possibilities for the future,” the jewelry maverick said, adding the field of 3D printing is “wide and open” and ripe for innovation.

Photo Credit: Dilek Sezen