3D File Streaming Service Hits the Marketplace


In the world of 3D printing, copyright issues and licensing are still very much a Wild West frontier, but California-based company, Authentise, wants to add some structure to the way that online 3D printing files are distributed.

Currently, on many websites that sell 3D printing files, there isn’t really anything stopping customers who purchase the files from saving and sharing the files with their friends. This makes it harder for companies and individuals who design the files to ensure that they will get paid for their efforts. That’s where Authentise comes in.

Authentise has set up a streaming service that companies can use to regulate 3D print files. This streaming service allows companies to ensure that the files they sell will not be stored on the customer’s computer, where the files can then be shared or transferred to someone else. Instead, it allows the customer to stream the file off the web, directly to the printer. 3DPrinting.com refers to this service as the “Netflix” or “Spotify” of the 3D printing world.

Recently, Authentise partnered up with 3DLT, an online 3D print template marketplace. Customers at 3DLT can purchase a 3D print, stream the file from the website, and print out the object – and the file won’t be stored on their computer. This helps ensure that customers get what they pay for, while the designers and companies that sell the files make sure that they get their cut as well.