3D print a vase from your tablet

let's create Pottery

Have you ever watched someone use a pottery wheel, expertly crafting a vase, and thought “I could totally do that!”? Well, I don’t know you, but I’m willing to bet that you’d wind up covered in clay, without vase, and humiliated. Making pottery is a skill like any other; it takes time and practice to hone the delicate touch that can summon a fine pot from a wet lump of clay. And yet, it’d still be great to have a custom vase brought about by your own fingers. Lucky for you, now there’s an app for that; it’s called let’s create! Pottery, from iDream. Check it out:

For only $4.99 you can mold and paint your own pots with the touch of your finger on your mobile device. Even better, you can have your creation 3D printed and shipped to your door. You can select 5cm, 10cm, and 15cm versions of your pot. Coming out of ZCorp’s inkjet mineral printer, the pots are full color, but should be kept away from water. You can even print the pots of others and let them print yours. Best of all, no cleanup!

  • Vase should be kept away from water?

    Vase should be kept away from water?