3D Print an Apple iPhone 6


Maybe you are still trying to decide if the new Apple iPhone 6 is for you, unsure of how it will fit in your hand or compare to your current phone.

But now, for $25, you can print a 3D replica of what the iPhone 6 is said to look like. The replica is based on the design plans that were leaked in a Japanese magazine in March.

Since the designs aren’t final, and are based on leaked information, the information may or may not be completely accurate and the iPhone is still subject to change. Either way, the 3D printed replica gives consumers a general idea of how the new iPhone 6 is supposed to look, allowing consumers to test out how the iPhone 6 would fit in their hand.

The designer behind many mockup products of Apple, Martin Hajek, is selling his set of 3D files for the iPhone 6 for $25.

Over the past few weeks, cases and mockups for the iPhone 6 model have been published and even printed. MacRumors is one such website that tested out one of the 3D printed replicas. While the 3D printed replica wasn’t printed in high resolution, the mockup was enough to allow MacRumors to give consumers a general idea of how the phone is supposed to look and feel.

The 3D printed files are available through TurboSquid. It’s also important to keep in mind that the quality of the print depends on the quality of the machine or 3D printer being used to print the replica. Hajek’s $25 package includes .STL files, as well as .3DS and OBJ.