3D Print Your Own Honda Concept Car


Honda is driving the future of 3D printing forward!

While it isn’t possible to print a 3D car, it is possible to design and print your own model car, or replica of what you want your next car to look like.

While you can’t drive around and show it off, you can have a nifty desktop car, thanks to Honda’s new idea.

Honda has released data for vehicle designs of concepts that Honda has introduced in the past. These designs are available through the Honda 3D Design Archives, where creative users can now download concepts, customize them, and print their very own miniature Honda under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.

What’s even better is that these Hondas don’t come with a hefty car payment. Honda’s hope is that the 3D printed product will give customers a feel for what it’s like to manufacture a car, and to understand what goes into the design process. With this project, Honda proves that they don’t mind sharing a little bit of the fun with consumers.

Honda also expects to see some communication between themselves and the designers and about what they hope to see in the next car. They also hope it encourages a future generation of designers and engineers. The 3D printing allows designers and dreamers alike to print their visions for the next car, and to share those ideas with the world.

What are you waiting for? Go design your very own Honda now, and share the idea with the world. Who knows, maybe your design will be the next Honda on the road!