3D Print a Life-Size Replica of Yourself


3D printing your portrait is nothing new, but a 3D printed life-sized replica certainly is.

According to 3Ders, a new print shop in China is offering just that: life-sized 3D printed portraits.

Pinla3D, a chain of 3D printing stores, has just opened up a new 3D printing shop in eastern China. The latest shop has opened its doors in Nanjing’s Wondercity Mall, and is offering customers the chance to recreate themselves, or their friends or family – in life-sized form.

This store is the first 3D printing shop in Nanjing to offer 3D printing of actual people. Pina3D offers 3D printing and scanning services to customers, allowing customers to print themselves or loved ones, with a choice between fifteen different sizes. Customers can stop by and have their bodies scanned in a matter of 3-5 minutes. The data from the scan is processed by a computer and then sent to a 3D printer. And voila! Customers can pick up their mini –or life-size- statue in about two weeks.

This store reportedly offers 3D printing that’s different from traditional 3D printers, the printers that Pinla3D uses can perfectly replicate colors. That means that your mini-me, or life-size version, will be more of an accurate representation of you, even down to your jewelry, the patterns on your shirt, or your new cowboy boots.

These 3D printed replicas don’t come cheap; they start at about $162 for a small 12.5cm figure but if you want a life-seized replica, you will have to pay a whopping $28,555.