3D Print Life Support Looking for Techs

3D Print Life, one of my favorite 3D Printer filament suppliers, has recently introduced a much needed new program linking end users with global tech support.  The new 3D Print lifesupport-logo-1Life Support referral site and marketplace allows 3D Printer owners to find technical support quickly and easily – and those of us in the industry know too well the challenges of keeping our machines up and running.  3D Print Life co-founder, Buzz Baldwin explained that the company was getting so many calls for help running and trouble shooting 3D printers that they could not keep up with demand and so created an online solution to help their own customers.

How it Works
Accessing a range of filters such as distance, area of expertise, and type of machine, 3D Printer users can search for Techs on the 3D Print Life Support website to get help with printer installation, calibration, or repair. The 3D Print Life Support team is now forming and 3D Printing experts are encouraged to sign up. It is free to register and create a Tech profile on Life Support until June 1st, 2017. After June 1st, a subscription is very economical, given that the relationship between Techs and customers are independent of Life Support which charges no additional fees.
3D Print Life Support techs get their own profile page to describe expertise and availability. Just like Uber or similar services, users will be able to rate their experience, stimulating the quality of the interaction between those providing service and those receiving it. Techs based in the United States will also receive special discounts from 3D Printlife on 3D printers and filaments.

So if you’re looking for some technical consulting work in the 3D Printing space, check out the 3D Print Life Support web site.  You have nothing to lose in giving it a try, and given the large number of tech requests I get every day, it’s sure to be a hit!