3D Print Shop Opens in Yorktown, NY


After finding success in the funeral business, William La Pierre decided that he wanted to start a separate business – one that would combine his love of technology with his desire to bring happiness to local residents.

“Since the funeral home business has a lot of heartache in it, he really wanted to bring a positive impact into the community with the business,” said Chelsea Waller, Executive Director of Public Relations for the company.

La Pierre’s Yorktown-based company “Mini 3D ME” specializes in “freezing the moment” by scanning and printing 3D models of people.

Of course, Mini 3D ME has nothing to do with the funeral business – they only scan and print the living.

La Pierre uses Artec scanners and the 3D systems ProJet 660 printer, specializing in life-like mini figurines that enhance the details that ordinarily don’t make it into 3D printed figurines. The 3D figurines look more lifelike with features that include things such as facial hair, tattoos, buttons, and more.

The business took off last year – and now includes more than just 3D printed lifelike models. They now offer cake toppers, portraits, and shadowboxes.

Currently, La Pierre travels to the homes of customers who want to purchase 3D figures, so opening an actual storefront will provide customers with a central location to visit.

Since business is booming, La Pierre decided it was time to open a brick-and-mortar print shop, and is already experiencing more business – which isn’t bad for having just been in business for just four months.

Mini 3D ME is set to open shop next month in Yorktown, NY.