3D Printable Jigsaw Chair


World-renowned artist Joris Laarman uses 3D printing to create much of his work. His exhibition at the Friedman Benda in New York City features many of his elaborate furniture concepts, including a bench and some chairs that have been 3D printed using his MX3D-Metal printer.

The MX3D-Metal printer is unlike any other 3D printer today. This machine is essentially a robotic arm that prints in mid-air, which allows Laarman to create interesting and complex designs. This technique, referred to as “anti-gravity object modeling,” on Laarman’s website, allows designs to be created, without the need for supporting structures.

Laarman and his MX3D-Metal robotic arm have captured the interest of large corporations such as shipyards and construction companies. However, not all of Laarman’s chairs are printed using the robotic arm. He also uses standard 3D printers to inspire other chairs, including his latest design: the Makerchair.

The Makerchair is a 3D printable chair that was designed using crowdsourcing. It is considered to be the first “crowd fabricated” chair ever designed. Originally, the chair was to be made using 202 individually 3D printed puzzle pieces, but recently it has been modified to consist of only 77 pieces. The Makerchair can be 3D printed on almost any 3D printer.

Laarman has made the Makerchair available for download under Creative Commons licensing, which means that the download is available for anyone who wishes to have the chair and has access to 3D printer. Once assembled, the jigsaw puzzle chair is a standard-sized chair that will only set you back approximately $30 in supplies.

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