3D printed Advent Calendar is complete

I know yesterday I did Christmas ornaments for the Thing of the week, but today is Christmas, so another free Christmas thing from Thingiverse makes sense. I really like Advent Calendars, or I really like chocolate. Regardless, this 3D printed Advent Calendar is super neato. If I were any kind of writer I’d have mentioned this 25 days ago, but it’s here now so enjoy.

3d printed advent

Here’s the full list:

Day 1: Wrapped Present
Day 2: Wrapped Present (with a bow)
Day 3: Toboggan/sled
Day 4: X-Wing
Day 5: Toy Train
Day 6: Snowman
Day 7: Candle
Day 8: Mug (of hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.)
Day 9: Church With Steeple
Day 10: Igloo
Day 11: Gingerbread House
Day 12: Makerbot Replicator 2
Day 13: Christmas Tree
Day 14: Gingerbread Man
Day 15: Bell
Day 16: Candycane
Day 17: Tardis
Day 18: Snowflake
Day 19: Santa Hat
Day 20: Toy Drum
Day 21: Burning Logs
Day 22: Plate of Cookies
Day 23: Festivus Pole
Day 24: Toy Rocket
Day 25: Star

(See them all individually in maker pleppik’s page of things.)

My favorite is the toy rocket. This was pleppik’s (Peter Leppik) entry into ProtoParadigm’s Winter Wonderland Contest, so I hope he wins. He uploaded all of the gifts separately each day like a responsible internet parent, so you can easily access them next year and be outdated when he does a new one. Or I could just inform you at the appropriate time of when to start next year; it’s sometime around the beginning of December I believe.

A year-long version of this with the most printed things on Thiniverse would be pretty rad. Anyway, there’s a roast calling my name. I hope you got that 3D printer you asked for. Merry Christmas!