3D Printed Battle-Armor for Cats

Are you in the market for some new battle armor for your cat? If so, look no further than the stylish and durable new battle armor that was uploaded by Print That Thing on the Thingverse.

Andrew Sink wanted to design a new set of armor for his cat. He took gold-toned ABS filament and printed several pieces of the armor, joining them with jewelry hoops to create a smooth motion effect.

Boing Boing reports:

The suit has a solid feel to it, and is articulated nicely, allowing it to move with the cat! I scaled it down to 95% so it would fit my little cat, but left the tail pieces and stinger at full size. I printed it using Hatchbox Gold ABS Filament, so it would have a metallic look to it!




Photo credit: Thingverse / Boing Boing.

  • Ralph

    This is hilarious, I love it.

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