3D Printed Casts Help Promote Healing

Anyone who has ever broken a limb knows how inconvenient it is to be weighed down by a heavy cast.

Now, prosthetics company Bespoke has designed a waterproof, personalized cast that promotes healing and won’t interfere with daily life.

After 3D scanning the broken limb, the cast is designed specifically for the person. With a minimalist design, it also offers far more range of motion while supporting the healing limb.

While still in prototype stage, Scott Summit of Bespoke said that the personalized casts are just one way 3D printing is exploding.

“The exciting thing about 3-D printing is that there’s no one area with single growth. Like the Internet in ’97, 3-D printing is exploding in all directions: aerospace, fine arts, dentistry, fashion—you name it. Companies are discerning that it’s the secret sauce of competitive advantage,” Summit said. “With a specific nod to healthcare, it’s a certain sweet spot since human needs tend to be individual. Due to our morphology, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.”

Photo Credit: Bespoke