3D Printed Custom Jewelry in Time for Valentine’s Day


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MIT has launched a new company that allows anyone to design custom 3D printed jewelry.

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cornell University have launched Dyo, a web-based service that lets users design their own 3D jewelry.

Dyo, which stands for “Design your own,” is an offshoot of the group’s website Matter.io, a website that allows users to print various objects. Dyo is a user-driven online platform that allows anyone who has internet access to easily create customized 3D printed jewelry.

Customers can create unique messages and personalize their rings, pendants, or coordinate tags with meaningful designs and information. The jewelry can be designed in real time using Matter.io’s 3D modelling software. The jewelry can be printed in a choice of silver, metal, or plastic, and is delivered straight to your door. Prices for the custom jewelry range from $30 to $140, including shipping.

“We knew nothing about jewelry but had a lot of experience building software and knew the kinds of things you could do with dynamic data if you could incorporate it into design,” says CEO and co-founder Dylan Reid. “So we went out and asked the most stylish people we knew for ideas. We were looking for concepts with personalization at their core, objects that would be meaningfully different for different people.”

This announcement comes as the latest development in 3D printed jewelry –an increasingly popular trend. In 2013, American Pearl and Endswell both started 3D printing engagement and wedding rings.