3D Printed Customizable Eyewear


For most people, new lenses come with a yearly eye checkup, but with the new Eyewear Kit, new, customizable lenses for 3D printed glasses are available on demand.

The Eyewear Kit, based in the Netherlands, is bringing customizable eyewear to the world. Featuring a range of different lens styles, from prescription to transition to color-tinted ones, the Eyewear Kit has something for everyone.

“The days of mass-manufactured, one-size-fits-all, limited options eyewear are almost over,” states Eyewear Kit’s website. “3D print your frame, select and assemble the ultimate lens, and make unique, future eyewear reality.”

Eyewear Kit has three 3D printed frame styles available from Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen. The designs are called Wire (techy look), Hatch (arty style), and Pince-nez (Technicolor design). These frames can be purchased on their own, or with custom lenses, and allow you to create glasses that are as fun or as functional as you want.

Looking for a just-for-fun pair of tinted glasses? Eyewear Kit has you covered. With the choice of seven different lens colors to choose from, you can have a whole new look at life through your colored glasses. Perhaps bringing new meaning to the term “rose colored glasses.”

With this introduction of new custom lenses, it could be just a matter of time until fully customizable glasses are available. Eyewear Kit has a test kit available, which allows frame designers to check the lenses with their frame sizes to ensure that they are compatible.

Head over to Thingiverse, the popular 3D printing design site, and see examples of customized frames that are being made. Eyewear Kit may help frame designers to bring customized eyeglasses to the world.

The prices currently range from $21 to $108, with free shipping. With these glasses, there really is something for everyone.