3D Printed Dragonbite Stylus Makes Design Easier


This may be the most ergonomic stylus yet.

Vangelis Hadjiloizou, together with design partner, Dinos Costanti, have launched their newest product, known as the 3D printed “Dragonbite Stylus.”

The Dragonbite Stylus is 3D printed in carbon-filled nylon, a conductive SLS material that is said to feel like “velvet.” The Dragonbite is designed to maximize accuracy and efficiency, and make drawing, writing, and designing on touchscreen devices more natural. The stylus also features a flexible tip which smoothly conforms to any holding angle.

The Dragonbite attaches to most standard Bic pens and is basically a “replacement cap” for the pen, so using the Dragonbite feels like using an actual pen. The tip of the Dragonbite is coated with a specially formulated conductive elastomer – making it safe for use on all touch screens, even those powered by iOS and Android.

The Dragonbite is said to be the most “popular and reliable” writing tool yet. Those who are used to drawing, writing, and even designing with standard pens and pencils can now take their creativity to their touch screen devices as well, since the Dragonbite has kept the natural shape of the pen.

Each Dragonbite is 3D printed by Solid Concepts, and comes individually packaged and sealed in a plastic tub, which keeps it in perfect condition.

So if you have found yourself unable to design on your touch screen device, due to lack of ergonomic writing utensils, wait no longer. The Dragonbite Stylus is being sold and priced at just €18 –that’s about $25.