3D Printed Dream Home Coming to New York State

Dream 3D printed homes have already been built in China and one is currently under construction in the Netherlands.

Now the New York State will soon have a 3D printed dream house too.

New York City architect Adam Kushner and  3D-printing pioneer Enrico Dini are behind the project which includes a jacuzzi, carport and swimming pool.

The house is scheduled for completion by 2017, although the pool will be ready by the end of this year.

According to Dini the reason the project is taking so long is not a lack of technology or planning, but because they have to borrow the printer from the military.

“We are now waiting (for) permission to borrow the printer (from the military),” Dini said. “If I had another printer I’d send it there tomorrow, but unfortunately we don’t have and must wait.”

While the New York dream home will come with a high price tag, according to Kushner once the technology is mastered it can be used for more modest homes or even for humanitarian purposes.

“This will serve as a way of using our project to … pave the way for more humanitarian purposes that we see as the highest and best use for our technology,” the New York architect said.

“If we can build a simple pool house, I can print thousands of refugee housings. If I can build a pool, I can print underwater reefs  to repair bridges, piers and infrastructures.”

He also said it could ultimately transform how building is done.

“I think it’s as important as the automobile was in changing the design of cities or how the printing press altered communication,” Kushner noted. “Why? Because it democratizes construction and architecture and puts it into everyone’s hands, just like the camera phone made everyone a photographer.”

Photo Credit: Artist rendering of NY Dream House pool house