3D Printed Fashion: Kipling “Monkey Madness” Handbags


It looks like 3D printers are now muddling in some monkey business. Belgian fashion brand Kipling has taken 3D printing to a new level by creating 3D printed monkey handbags.

Made from polyamide and epoxy, these plastic handbags use a design that features a network of multiple monkeys. Kipling has launched this handbag as part of their 2014 spring “Monkey Madness” collection.

Kipling, established in 1987, is a company whose name was inspired by “The Jungle Book” author Rudyard Kipling. Kipling wanted to introduce a new, classic look to their bag line – but was still looking for technology to bring their product to life.

The Belgium-based company was looking to create a fun bag that incorporated their signature mascot, the monkey, as well one that would keep in line with their other popular bags, generally made from crinkled nylon, and featuring a monkey on the key hanger.

The company was looking to combine innovation with a classic design. The Monkey Madness City Jungle Shopper, as the bag is called, is fully 3D printed –except for the logo and the handle. The design uses a series of multiple monkeys linked together with branches to create a flexible, ultra-modern, and translucent handbag.

“Let Kipling take you to another dimension with these monkey bags created with all new 3D printing technology! The science of fashion is 3D printing and Kipling has learnt its monkey match,” stated Kipling.

The design would not have been possible without 3D printing. Check out the video to see how this bag was created.

How’s that for some monkey business?