3D Printed Flora Band Keeps Joggers, Cyclists Safe at Night


Not all 3D printing is serious business. 3D printing allows for many fun, funky ideas as well.

One idea that combines fun and practical function with 3D printing is the DIY Flora Band. The Flora Band, created by Adafruit, is an LED lit circular band that was designed with night runners, joggers, and cyclists in mind. This band is designed to increase visibility in the dark, while adding a touch of fun fashion to your life. And, unlike other trends this year, a Flora Band is affordable and certainly isn’t going to break your wallet.

This DIY watchband promises to be a fun-to-assemble project. It is motion activated, and allows you to be seen in the dark. The components are held together inside a 3D printed watchband made with NinjaFlex, a material designed to make the band comfortable and flexible, keeping it from chafing your wrists like other traditional bands do. Perhaps most importantly, the Flora Band is durable as well.

This motion-activated wristband features an accelerometer and LED circular lights to create a series of flashing lights that ensure that you are kept visible when running or jogging at night.

It’s considered to be a DIY project that’s sure to get you noticed – which is exactly what you want when you’re out running or biking in the dark.

You can watch a video on the Flora Band below, as well as instructions at the end on how to assemble it.