3D Printed Garden Show Arrives in London


The world’s first-ever 3D printed garden show is set to go on display in London this week.

The garden show, miNiATURE, will showcase 3D printed gardens created by designers around the world. Designers from Australia, South Korea, as well as the UK are set to showcase their designs at the exhibition.

“The aim of miNiATURE is to enable designers to move away from designs that have limitations such as restricted budgets, planting season, or focus on awards and to instead give the opportunity to experiment and explore innovative designs through the media of 3D printing along with traditional modeling,” states the miNiATURE website.

MiNiATURE is a creation of three award-winning designers; Kajsa Bjorne, Andrew Fisher Tomlin, and Tom Harfleet. These designers worked together at the Australia Garden Show Sidney, and it was there that the idea for 3D printed miniature gardens first came up. This idea is what ultimately led to the creation of this first-ever miNiATURE show.

The concept of using 3D printing removes the constraints that would otherwise be present when designing a real garden. With 3D printing, there’s no budget restriction, seasonal restrictions, or other obstacles in the way. Miniature versions allow designers’ dreams to come to life and enables them to communicate effectively with clients, letting them see firsthand what the designers plan to create.

The show is free and open to anyone who is interested in 3D printing. There will be live 3D printing available to demonstrate just how 3D printing works, as well as the 3D printed garden models on display.

MiNiATURE goes on display at The Strand Gallery in central London from March 6-8th.