3D Printed Great Pyramid of Giza


The MakerBot Academy has recently released a content pack that’s designed to give students an inside look at one of the oldest and largest pyramids.

The content pack gives students a look into the ancient Egyptian civilization by allowing them to recreate a 3D printed model of the Great Pyramid of Giza –the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one to remain largely intact.

The content pack includes a two-part story, a lesson plan that allows students to explore the engineering, design, and construction behind the structure, and a 3D printable model of the pyramid. The pyramid is printed as two parts that slide together to form the pyramid, while allowing viewers to separate it and take a deeper look inside. The 3D printed model of the Great Pyramid of Giza shows the three chambers of the pyramid – the queen’s chamber, the king’s chamber, and the lower chamber.

The kit equips teachers with the resources needed to give their students an inside look at the ancient pyramids from the classroom with no need to make the journey across the world.

This isn’t the first content pack that MakerBot has released. Just a few months ago they released the “Frog kit” which enabled students and teachers to take an inside look at the frog – without the mess from dissecting an actual frog.

As for the pyramid model, giving students visuals or the ability to hold a model in their hands increases their interest and allows them to see the object differently. It gives them an inside look at history, increases their knowledge, and educates them all at the same time.

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