3D printed guns, Men In Black style

mib 3d printed gun

The idea of 3D printed firearms has been a hot topic in the news these last few weeks, since someone printed a functioning part of a firearm. We’ve got another gun for you today.

MIB 3d printed gun detail

Just look at the detail on this beauty.

If you’re one of those who went ballistic over the gun issue, don’t worry, this time it’s all in fun. These aren’t operable guns, they are prototypes of futuristic handguns, 3D-printed in anticipation of the third movie in the Men in Black trilogy.

Moddler, a custom 3D printing company in San Francisco, has printed these unique model guns on their Objet Eden500 3D printer.

We’ve shown one of the guns they’ve created here; you can see a gallery of more photos, which include more detail on this MIB piece and others.

Moddler is an example of the new type of company that 3D printing is bringing to the world. They are a very small company (two people) with a very expensive 3D printer ($250,000?), which lets them do very incredible things for their customers. We profiled Moddler back in July, and you can find a video in that story that shows more of the models they’ve printed.

mib 3d printed gun detail 2

They appeared yesterday in the Objet blog, which often shows off some of their customers’ best work. I highly recommend that you subscribe to its newsfeed.

Source: Objet blog

  • http://www.kraftwurx.com Chris Waldo

    Wouldn’t it be cool to pull out a “piece” like this at a gun range? Dear Gunsmiths: Bet you won’t. haha awesome find Mark.