3D Printed Insoles


Although small, SOLS Systems, a company that specializes in developing 3D printed orthotics, has managed to raise over $6 million in Series A funding –in less than a year.

SOLS Systems is an 8-month-old startup that is considered to be one of the favorite companies on the market today.

SOLS specializes in 3D printed shoe inserts that are printed as the orders are placed, based on the scan of the patient’s foot. With SOLS technology, customers will use their mobile phones device to scan their foot and place an order for SOLS inserts. SOLS then converts the scans to 3D models and then creates customized 3D insoles for the unique customer who placed the order.

The SOLS insoles are made from flexible nylon in the color of your choice. Instead of using hard and soft materials like other inserts, SOLS focuses on using the latest 3D printing technology to bring the most comfortable insole to their customers. The results, while considered soft, still provide support where the wearer needs it most. No two feet are the same – and no two insoles are the same either when you buy them from SOLS.

SOLS is currently experimenting with different ways of finishing their 3D printed products, and have started the testing process. The 3D printed insole is said to save up to “75 percent of the energy per footstep.”

SOLS plans to start selling orthotics this year using medical professionals who can fit patients in person for custom insoles, and also hopes to make them available to consumers sometime next year.