3D Printed Jewelry Revolutionizes the Way We Shop


Looking for a ring for that special someone? Finding the perfect, customizable ring is now even easier, thanks to 3D printing.

American Pearl, a New York City-based jeweler, is now allowing customers to create their own rings quickly, and easily – without even setting foot inside their shop.

American Pearl CEO Eddie Bakhash says that his company has been able to double its sales this past year, thanks to Solidscape, a $45,000 3D printer. With 3D printing, American Pearl now offers customers a selection of ring style, metals, gemstones, and engraving. Customers can browse on the company website, view 3D renderings of the rings, and choose from a variety of options.

“What we love about 3D printing is that consumers save a lot of money and lot of time having something 3D printed,” said Eddie Bakhash

3D jewelry printing has many benefits besides cost-effectiveness. It allows for a wide range of customization options, and allows the customer to choose their own details.

“There are thousands of possibilities, billions of permutations,” Bakhash said. “Every piece is like a snowflake.”

Designs for 3D printed rings offer a greater degree of precision and intricacy in designs when compared to traditional jewelry, meaning that the quality is greater as well. Each piece is intricately designed, and to perfect specifications. Gemstones fit perfectly and more securely, and rings with multiple-part designs come together more “perfectly,” Bakash says.

For the time being, 3D printers are used primarily for “mold makers,” capable of printing the rings, but with jewelers still adding in the gemstones to the pieces. The 3D printers are unable to print gemstones, at least for now, but industry analysts say that technology is racing ahead. For now, 3D jewelry printing continues to inspire jewelers and consumers alike in their pursuits of new, innovative ways to create meaningful masterpieces.