From Shapeways to Neiman Marcus: 3D printed pieces from Bathsheba Grossman and Roger Pierce hit the big time.

It’s clear that money can be made with 3D printers, but 3D artists don’t even need 3D printers to rake in the dough on Shapeways. Digital designers can have their own stores on Shapeways, but many break out into the view of larger audiences. Two such Shapies are Bathsheba Grossman and Roger Pearce, who now have their pieces on the Neiman Marcus website.

Shapeways Neiman Marcus

Bathsheba’s Klein Bottle Opener is pretty popular, but it’s her Orb sculpture that’s on Neiman Marcus. Pierce is a lesser known Shapie but he won the pendant contest with his Heart Cage Pendant, and that earned him a spot on NM. Shapeways points out that such contests are hosted weekly, so get off your ass and get to modeling. The great thing about selling pieces on Shapeways is that once you’ve got a desirable design, they handle the printing, packaging, and shipping. All you do is collect your checks.

So get to the CAD/CAMing already. What, you’re not confident in your ability to create 3D models because the software is too hard to learn? Give Tinkercad a try, as well as Leopoly. They’re incredibly easy to use. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in a high end retailer.

  • Roger Pearce

    Hi Cameron,

    thanks for the name-check and a great article. Just one minor quibble – you have mis-spelt my name. It is Pearce not Pierce.

    Best regards,


    • Mark Fleming

      Sorry about that. Corrected.