3D Printed Knee Replacement


3D printing is allowing the medical sector to make major advancements, providing better and more efficient methods for implants, and changing the way that surgeries are done.

With 3D printed mandibles and windpipes already a reality, 3D printing is now making its way into knee replacement surgeries.

Knee surgery, a painful and often difficult surgery, is now becoming less painful and more effective thanks to 3D printing.

For patients in need of knee replacements, surgery is often used as a last resort. There is a long recovery time with knee replacement surgery. Knee replacements are only available in specific sizes, meaning that often the knee replacement will not fit right.

But thanks to 3D printing, knee surgeries are becoming less painful and more accurate. A 3D printed knee replacement is able to be customized to fit more like a natural knee would. 3D printed knee replacements fit perfectly, reducing surgery time and bone cutting required.

Martin Meyers was among the first US patients to receive a 3D printed knee. Conformis, a company that specializes in personalized knee implants, printed the knees – which fit more accurately and naturally. Conformis uses a patented technology called iFit to convert CT data into precisely shaped knee replacements that are perfectly shaped to fit a patient’s knee.

So what does Meyers have to say about his new 3D printed knee replacement? He says that he can’t even tell that there is anything in there – other than, of course, his knee.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/michaellee Michael Lee Bucher

    Fighting Cancer I had to have my replacement removed due to staff, does 3D printing offer metal free replacements? I now live with a spacer and they say they wont replace it (metal and staff don’t mix)?