3D Printed Lost Luggage Exhibition


Could 3D printing be changing the way we look at travel?

Let’s face it, one of the most frustrating parts about travel is when your luggage gets lost. It happens to the best of us. No airline is perfect, and one lost bag could mean that your relaxing trip on the beach just got a lot more complicated due to the lack of luggage that you now possess.

What would you say if you didn’t have to travel with luggage at all? Imagine if you could just email yourself everything (or, almost everything) that you’ll need for your trip. Hassle-free travel, with no luggage, no baggage fees, and best of all – no lost luggage.

Designer and Creative Director of 3D Systems Janne Kyttanen has taken on the challenge of creating an exhibition featuring 3D printed luggage. This exhibition introduces the concept of sending 3D printed files of your luggage in an email and arriving at your destination to find your gear awaiting you.

“Lost Luggage” contains a few basic items including a handbag, a 4-in-1 Dress, Mashup Shoes, and a St. Tropez Cuff. Each of the items can be printed in one operation.

Assuming you travel lightly, and only need a handbag, dress, shoes, and shades, you will be set. Of course, there are other 3D printable items in the works, but for now, the items are fairly limited. Still, the concept is an interesting look at the potential that 3D printing has to change the way we plan and travel.

“Lost Luggage” is part of an exhibition that Kyttanen is presenting in Rotterdam. The objects will be on display until April 20.