3D Printed Portable Shoes


Looking for a unique pair of fun shoes that can fold up and fit away?

Then look no further. Thanks to Spanish filament producer, Recreus, a pair of 3D printable, foldable shoes has entered the scene.

“Sneakerbot II” is a uniquely styled pair of sneakers that can be created at home with a 3D printer. The shoes are portable, and able to be folded and packed in a bag for easy transport. They’re also trendy, sort of. The design for these sneakers was inspired by 80’s films, like Star Wars, and the shoes do have a sort of futuristic, yet somewhat vintage, look to them.

As evidenced by the name, a preceding Sneakerbot was created last year. The new shoe design, however, is said to be more comfortable, offering the options to change the softness by controlling how much infill you put.

A non-breakable, durable material that is compatible with almost any printer has made the shoe design possible. The material, Filaflex 1.75mm, is an elastic filament that allows you to create elastic parts without having to make any modifications to your 3D printer.

This material allows for modifications to be made to your creation and is available in a wide variety of colors. To keep the filament from becoming tangled in the 3D printer, Recreus has invented a special extruder for Filaflex.

“During months we have investigated and worked hard to develop the 1.75 mm Filaflex format. Sneakerbots are the actual proof that shows Filaflex works becoming in the most elastic filament on the market,” states the company’s Thingverse page.