3D Printed Robot to be Showcased at UK Engineering Event


The latest 3D printed robot is set to be showcased in a UK engineering event on April 8.

MARC (multi-Actuated Robotic Companion) is one of two robots that are being used to help scientists gain a better understanding into how more realistic relationships can be developed between humans and androids. Based on this understanding, the team has begun to introduce characteristics and personalities to the robot in hopes that the understanding will be easier to understand.

The 3D printed robot is predicted to be one of the star attractions at the annual event, which is designed to inspire the next generation of manufactures and engineers. MARC will be interacting with the visitors in hopes of getting everyone up to speed on the recent technological developments.

Dr. Murray from the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln UK, and MARC’s designer, will also be there demonstrating the 3D printed quadcopters, which have recently become the latest sensation in remote control aircrafts. Visitors are encouraged to watch and learn how to build these flying machines.

Dr. Murray says the event is a great opportunity for the University to showcase their research and help the young people see that subjects related to Computer Science and Engineering are “not as daunting as they might think.”

The event is free and will run from 10 am to 5:30 pm at The Blue Shed in Brightside Lane, Sheffield, UK.