3D Printed Shoes by FeetZ Are Custom Designed to Fit Your Feet


Shoe shopping can be a tedious task and it can be hard to find the perfect fit.

If you have feet that are in-between standard sizes or half sizes, or one foot that’s slightly different from the other, finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be especially difficult.

With 3D printing though, shoe-shopping woes may soon be a thing of the past.

FeetZ Shoes is a San Diego-based startup that is using 3D printing technology to create 3D printed shoes, custom made to fit your feet. No two feet are alike, and FeetZ believes that you shouldn’t have to try on ten pairs of shoes just to find one good pair.

The 3D printing technology behind the process is what makes this level of customization possible. Customers will be able to take three pictures of each foot and send the photos to FeetZ. Using specialized software, the company will take the images of the feet – and turn them into a 3D model. The shoes would then be 3D printed –in a completely custom size. FeetZ says that customers will be able to expect their shoes within seven days.

In addition to the custom sizing, FeetZ will also be able to create shoes with different styles and colors. Currently, the material available is a rubber-like substance, but FeetZ expects more materials to become available sometime within the next couple of years.

FeetZ is still currently in beta and plans to start taking custom orders for shoes later this year. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester though, FeetZ welcomes you to add your name to the email list.

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