3D Printed Wool Running Shoes


Thanks to 3D printing, buying new shoes has never been easier!

With a number of shoe templates available online, all you really have to do is download a file and click print –if you have a 3D printer, that is! The only drawback is that most 3D printed shoes just aren’t as comfortable as standard shoes because most of them are made from hard plastic type filaments.

A New Zealand-based footwear company, “Three Over Seven,” is proving that 3D printed shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable. Three Over Seven recently launched their new and innovative product: wool running shoes with 3D printed soles. These shoes are novel, comfortable, and practical, and with 3D printing technology that’s being used for the soles, you know that the shoes you get will be designed specifically for your feet.

Three Over Seven launched their project “Wool Runner” in February on Kickstarter. In just four and a half days, the company sold 1064 pairs and raised just short of $120,000 for their product!

So what is it that makes these shoes so popular? As their name says, the wool runners are made from wool, making them a comfortable alternative to ordinary shoes as well as allowing the wearer to take advantage of some of the unique properties that wool has. The shoes offer odor resistance, moisture absorbance, and regulated temperatures in addition to being comfortable enough to wear without socks, which is more than most shoes offer.

Three Over Seven has a mobile app that allows you to scan your feet for sizing. The data will then be used to custom create a pair of shoe that are designed or your feet. The company says that customers can expect custom-made shoes within 24 hours, although it might take longer for those of us in the USA to receive them.

While the shoes are currently sold out, Three Over Seven promises that they’ll be back soon. In the meantime, head over to the Wool Runner Kickstarter page to learn more, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.