3D Printed Yoyo


One of the most simple yet classic toys is the yoyo. A simple design, made up of a round piece of wood or plastic, wound up with a string has entertained and stumped people for centuries.

With so many designs, styles, and colors of yoyos available, you wouldn’t think there would be much of a demand for yet another yoyo, yet there is. And this yoyo is different from all the others…because it’s 3D printed, of course.

In times past, creating a yoyo involved an expensive piece of machinery called a lathe, but this yoyo, known as the “Three Dimension Type1,” was designed for those who want to build a special and unique yoyo for themselves. The process itself is really quite simple. The body is printed using a nylon material followed with the stainless steel rims – which are printed separately to give the yoyo a shiny, solid, yet smooth finish.

While the yoyo is slightly oversized, the weight is distributed evenly across the yoyo and the extra weight is not felt in the string. The body was printed in nylon material, and the rim was printed in stainless steel. The components were then assembled using standard off-the-shelf bearing locks.

So whether you are a full time yoyo-er or are simply looking for a unique, 3D printed yoyo to complete your yoyo collection –head over to the yoyo designer’s website for some inspiration. While the website is in Japanese, the yoyo itself is pretty simple to understand.