3D Printer Company Raises $1.7 Million in Backing Support on Kickstarter – In Just Two Days


3D printing has grown in popularity, generating publicity and worldwide interest in recent years – but just how much collective interest there is in 3D printing was relatively unknown until recently when a Kickstarter campaign for the new relatively inexpensive 3D printer was able to gain support of $1.7 million in backing in just two days!

While many look to Kickstarter to gain support and raise money for new products, not everyone is successful and many leave empty handed or fail to reach their ultimate goals. But that wasn’t the case for M3D. This new 3D printer has gained an unprecedented amount of attention worldwide, with more than 5000 people wanting their own.

Although the 3D printing technology has been around for years, it has just recently started to gain the attention and popularity that it has today. With the falling prices for 3D printers, more people are becoming interested.

The success of the recent fundraiser seems to be based in large part on two factors; publicity and affordability. With the 3D printer’s price being under $200, more people can afford to be interested. The second factor is the publicity that M3D was able to generate. M3D appeared at the 2013 New York Maker Faire, run by Make Magazine. This helped generate publicity and create early interest. The publicity helped create enough enthusiasm to completely fund the original $50,000 goal in just 11 minutes!

Although the company said that the “backing rate far exceeded our wildest expectations,” the numbers of potential units being made available suggests that M3D might have had a hunch that it would gain more support.

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