3D printer creates keyboard with functional keys — no assembly required

Stratasys’ Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D printers can do some crazy things, and today Stratasys’ (formerly Objet) Creative & Content Manger Sam Green blogged about what he says is a first for a 3D printer: they’ve 3D printed a functional keyboard — that’s with working keys! Three of them, actually, that you can see in the video.

They printed the complete keyboards in one run, no assembly was required. The keyboards were designed by Stratasys’ Arnon Gratch, and he was able to create the true feel of pressing keys by using a combination of rigid and rubber-like material.

How long before we combine printing the electronics in the same pass, and create an entirely usable product?

  • Heber Allred

    I’m trying to create a custom keyboard. I’ve got the drawings created in a 3D software program for the basic shape and design, but I’m looking for a company that can create some prototypes for me. Do you know any companies that have utilized 3D printing to create fully functioning prototypes (with electronics)? I’m trying to get maybe 5 or 10 prototypes created so we can test before going into mass production. Most of the companies I’ve spoken with want me to spend hundreds of thousands $$$ in molds just to get some prototypes. There’s no way I can take that kind of risk. I need to get some prototypes first, so I can try the idea. Any help on a company I can hire to create prototypes is appreciated.

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