3D Printer Hacked to Create Tattoo Robot


The French Ministry of Culture recently hosted an event known as the “Public Domain Remix.” Its students were each given the task to hack and recreate an electronic device in the allotted 8 hours.

One group of students, who called themselves “Appropriate Audiences,” chose a 3D printer to be their electronic device to hack. Their idea? Turn the 3D printed into a 3D printing tattoo machine.

At first, the group replaced the printing nozzle with a pen, which allowed the machine to demonstrate its ability to produce designs. After the event was over, the students decided to take their idea little bit further, not being completely satisfied with the 3D printing pen machine they had just invented, and set out to replace the pen with an actual tattoo instrument. To their surprise – it worked as well. The students then tested their idea on silicone-produced skin to see how it would perform.

But would it work on actual human skin? Surprisingly, they had no problem convincing a volunteer to test the newly hacked machine. While the process was time consuming and tedious, the design team made a circular 3D printed tattoo for their first volunteer.

While 3D printers won’t likely replace tattoo artists any time soon; it does make for an interesting thought. And if it does happen to take off in the future? At least you will only have one person to blame if your tattoo is poorly designed –yourself!