Creatbot D600 3D Printer Review

Auto-leveling platform PRO Utilization of 25 points via the BL-Touch probe, to preserve the level of flatness of the platform data in the initial stage level, using the Z-axis’ the intelligent compensation table height is used in the printing process, allowing full automated leveling.

HEATED CHAMBER 70 degrees Celsius PROA heated chamber can keep the temperature constant to ensure that the model doesn’t change shape while printing.

FILAMENTS DRYING ROOF PRO The purpose can dry filaments such as ABS, PC, Nylon have high water absorption. the temperature of the chamber is 45degC or 65degC accessible.

TEMPERATURE up to 350degC

Creatbot D600 3D Printer ( with high-precision comes with a unique, patent-pending 350degC heat-resistant nozzle.This type of nozzle allows printing using a variety of filaments. The fantasy blue cooling system of the huge build-volume 3D printer will effectively cool the heat break. The height of the nozzle can be controlled micro-so that it is a perfect fit. We can accommodate customizations for double or single nozzles.

Note that 220v is required.

  • All metal hotend, more durable
  • 350degC provide more supply
  • Nozzle height adjustable
  • Direct Head Driving Head Driving


We study and develop the extruder feeding system to support high-speed printing and precision can go up to 0.05mm It allows you to extrude the filament with a steady flow from out blocks.

Precision up to:0.01mm Speeds as high as 200mm/s



The all-steel body of CreatBot D600 Pro not only guarantees stability while printing, but also significantly prolongs the time of use. The efficiency and cohesion of the whole structure assures an efficient and long-lasting operation. The initial group of CreatBot 3D printers has been in operation for five years and over 8000 hours.


D600 is an industrial-grade 3D printer with an impressive build area of 600*600*600mm. This is 30 times more than other normal 3D printer available.
CreatBot D600 build volume: 600*600*600mm


The enclosed chamber is able to completely block out all outside interference. Additionally, this frame will reduce noise, while and at the same time ensure constant temperature, which means that the model will not deform.


The linear rail structure is precise and allows printing models with precision up to 50 times greater than conventional optical axis printers on the mass market. This design offers precise printing of filament, which means that you prints large models fast and accurately.


The printer will be able to automatically remember the current location and save the print information, reduce the working platform and remove the filament when power is turned is turned off abruptly.


The platform’s surface is secured by 3D printing stickers. The printer is equipped with vertical thermal conductivity, which will be able to support high efficiency thermal performance. You can adjust the parameters so that it turns off hot beds in a sequence following the set quantity of layers.


The printer features an 4.3″ touchscreen, which makes it much easier to operate. We also offer One-Key for print, preheat and home and many additional shortcut keys.

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