Massivit – 3D Printing Systems

Creative 3D objects in XXL format – for advertising technology, POS, thermoforming and high-level marketing
Unlimited creativity – you can print scans, create illuminated displays, personalize objects or adapt them to the local market.
3D printing – Unlimited creative possibilities
Make creative 3D displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing, or the entertainment industry.

  • Easily create thermoformed shapes to combine 2D and 3D printing
  • Great product presentations
  • Design selfie points for customer interactions
  • Unique campaign displays, illuminable from the inside
  • Innovative, appealing promotional displays at the POS
  • Entertaining, eye-catching decorations for events
  • Massivit 1500 – entry-level solution for supersize 3D printing in 1160 x 1450 x 1370 mm format
  • Massivit 1800 ( – Supersize 3D printing system in the format 1170 x 1450 x 1800 mm

Highlights Massivit

More printing power for your money

By expanding your performance spectrum and thanks to its outstanding speed, Massivit takes you to a new, profitable dimension.

Wonderfully simple
Produce complex, oversized objects with just a few parts. For faster, more cost-effective assembly.

Maximize your productivity
– Get more jobs done in less time
– Print speeds of up to 350 mm per hour

Dual object printing (optional)
Print 2 different objects in parallel

Easy to use
– Easy to use software
– Control of the printer by touch screen
– Vacuum printing table

Slimmer, lighter, more environmentally friendly
– Hollow, lightweight products reduce transportation and handling costs
– Additive process with minimal waste
– Minimal need for support structures, no cleaning required after printing operations
– LED UV curing with low energy consumption

More speed with GDP technology

Massivit’s patented GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) technology enables an impressively simple, fast and versatile 3D printing process, even for large objects. Our GDP technology combines fast motion, rapid curing, unique material properties, and intelligent support algorithms so you can print oversized objects extra fast.

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