Our Top 13 FDM XXL 3D Printers Under $5,000

It is often mistakenly assumed that FDM 3D printers are limited to the production of small models. However, many companies are working to create and offer ever larger XXL 3D printers to customers.

We have gone in search of the best large FDM/FFF technology 3D printers and analyzed the available printers to give you the best overview. From the Dublicator 5S, to the Ultimaker 2 Extended+, here is our list of the TOP 13 largest, yet affordable FDM 3D printers under 5,000€.

Don’t let it stop you from creating great things.

TOP 1 – The Big60 from Modix 3D

The Modix Big 60 version 3 has been modernized from the first model from Israeli manufacturer Modix 3D. The printer has a print volume of 610 x 610 x 610 mm, automatic calibration and two optional extruders. The filament detector and control screen facilitate the printing process. The 3D printer can be upgraded to the next model, the 120X, with a print volume of 1200 x 610 x 610 mm. It is available from a price of $3,500. You can order it directly from Modix3D’s online store.

TOP 2 – Scalar XL Premium 40

The Scalar XL Premium 40 is the successor of the Scalar XL Premium from 3D Modular Systems. The French manufacturer designs its 3D printers so that even old models can be added with the help of an evolution kit. The new FDM machine holds a print volume of 40 x 40 x 40 cm and allows printing with PLA and ABS. The LCD screen as well as the automatic alignment of the printing platform make handling easier for the user. The XXL 3D printer is currently available for a price of 1,250 euros.

XXL 3D Printer

TOP 3 – MaxBot from MakeMendel

The MaxBot is a product of the Indian manufacturer Makemendel and comes as a kit. MakeMendel is the first and thus oldest manufacturer for 3D printers in India. What is striking about their MegaBot is the elongated build volume of 600 x 300 x300 mm, making it one of the largest desktop printers in its class. Overall, the XXL 3D printer weighs a full 80kg and prints ABS or PLA with 100 micron accuracy. The MaxBot is equipped with an LCD control system and a 2GB micro SD card. Furthermore, it has a self-calibration tool with the Spring Bed Adjustment. The price of the kit is approximately 2,499 euros.

TOP 4 – ARTEMIS 300 ARP from SeeMeCNC

The ARTEMIS 300 ARP, launched by SeeMeCNC based in Indiana, USA, is a large-volume desktop delta 3D printer. The “ARP” in the name stands for “Almost-Ready-to-Print.” As it comes as a parts kit, most of the intricate parts are already assembled. The large volume is 290 x 290 x 525 mm and has been expanded several times. It is further equipped with a completely new rigid metal frame and a fast heating AC 350W heating bed, which can heat up to 120C°. The new Artimis is capable of printing at up to 280C°, so you can print with most available filaments, this includes PLA, ABS and other plastics. The device is currently available at a price of 1,700 euros.

TOP 5 – CoLiDo X3045 Duo

Even though the brand is primarily intended for knowledgeable experts, the number 3 on the list of the largest desktop printers is a relatively affordable one with a print volume of 300 x 300 x 450 mm. The X3045 Duo printer is marketed by the Chinese manufacturer CoLiDo and costs 2724.49 euros. It is one of the few 3D printers with dual extruders and a heatable print chamber for the best print quality.

TOP 6 – Duplcator 5S from Wanhao

The Duplicator 5S Wanhao from China just didn’t make the podium, but at 86 cm, it is the tallest FDM printer in our selection! With its imposing size, it offers a print volume of 305 x 205 x 575 mm. You can purchase this XXL 3D printer for about 1,485 euros (excluding transportation costs). Equipped with a single extruder, the Duplicator 5S can print PLA only and proclaims print speeds of up to 300 mm/s!

TOP 7 – Pro2 from Raise3D

The Californian company Raise3D is a manufacturer of large format FDM printers and presents one of their largest 3D printers with the Pro2, which has a volume of 305 x 305 x 300 mm. The device allows the use of a variety of filaments, from PLA, ABS, ASA , PC, nylon, PETG and more. At the same time, the dual extruder allows printing with two filaments at the same time. The 7-inch touchscreen also offers users more simplicity in controlling their 3D printing. Currently, the device is available for a price of €4198.8.

TOP 8 – Zortax M300 Plus

The Zortrax M300 Plus from the manufacturer of the same name is a further development of the M300; it has the same generous print volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm, but features significant improvements to the nozzle, extruder and cooling system. The large format 3D printer also features Ethernet and Wifi as well as a camera and touchscreen, simplifying the printing process. The closed frame ensures high-quality print results that are less prone to distortion. The M300 Plus can also be supplied with a cover to filter emissions (99% of nanoparticles are filtered) from the machine and better stabilize temperature.

TOP 9 – Builder Premium Large

Builder 3D Printer is a Dutch manufacturer that specializes in the development of 3D printers with FDM technology for industry and home. One of the outstanding developments is the Builder Premium Large, a printer with a print volume of 370 x 380 x 890 mm. Ideal for the production of large objects in PLA. It has a dual-feed extruder that allows you to mix colors or materials in the same print. This professional machine with touch screen, WiFi and a mobile application can be found at the price of 3,750 euros.

TOP 10 – Sigmax R19 from BCN3D

The Sigmax R19 3D printer from Spanish manufacturer BCN3D offers a print volume of 420 x 297 x 210 mm and is equipped with two independent extruders. You can choose between duplication mode, which allows you to print two parts at the same time, or mirror mode, which prints symmetrical 3D models. The 3D printer is a machine that increases productivity while maintaining quality – depending on the production, you can achieve an accuracy of up to 50 microns. Finally, the Sigmax R19 has end-of-filament detection and a touch screen that makes the printing process easier for all users. It is available starting at 4,434 euros.

TOP 11 – Lulzbot Taz 6

The Lulzbot Taz 6 from American manufacturer Aleph Objects has a volume large enough to print objects the size of a basketball: 280 x 280 x 250 mm. Like many other companies, Aleph Objects has its origins in the open source space. Given its size and a print speed of 200 mm/s, as well as layer thicknesses of 0.05 to 0.5 mm, the Taz 6 is definitely one of the most powerful desktop 3D printers. It also comes with self-calibration software from Wanhao. The price of this high-volume 3D printer is 2,238 euros.

TOP 12 – STREAM 30 Pro MK2 from Volumic

The Stream 30 Pro MK2 is a 100% French 3D printer developed by Volumic. The FDM machine offers a print volume of 300 x 200 x 300 mm and is available from 4,188 euros. With its hotplate that can reach up to 300°C, it is compatible with a wide range of plastic materials, from PLA to PET, but also ABS and nylon. The XXL 3D printer features a large color touchscreen and a filter hood for easy printing.

TOP 13 – Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Ultimaker 3D printers are arguably the most widely used desktop 3D printers in the world. With the Ultimaker 2 Extended+, the manufacturers from the Netherlands now developed their largest product. It has a maximum build volume of 223 x 223 x 305 mm and prints in traditional materials (PLA / ABS / Nylon) at a speed of 300 mm/s. The Ultimaker 2 Extended+ is even available to order from the online Apple Store.

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