Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D printer

The Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D printer is a desktop 3D printer with an LCD display, manufactured by Phrozen, a Taiwanese company known for producing high-quality 3D printing technology. Designed for the dental industry, it allows you to print accurate dental models faster than ever before.

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Features of the Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D printer

Designed for maximum reliability and accuracy. Equipped with a durable monochrome LCD screen with ultra-high resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) at 722 PPI that is guaranteed to last at least 2000 hours.

Offers a large 135x75x200mm assembly, allowing you to print one medium-sized model, or several smaller models at a time. It has a robust aluminum frame design that minimizes vibration during the printing process and also guarantees quiet operation. The Sonic 4K 2022 offers several ready-made settings when printing dental products. The printer is compatible with third-party resins that support 405 nm;

Sonic 4K 2022 is also equipped with a heater for high quality and stable 3D printing and an air cleaning system to neutralize resin odor, for an even better 3D printing experience. Implemented the ability to adjust light intensity to improve printing efficiency, as well as to continue printing from a stopping point due to power supply problems. Equipped with a door buffer to increase service life;

The Sonic 4K 2022 can be controlled from a PC or by the built-in 5-inch LCD touchscreen. Ethernet, USB and SD card connectivity are also available, making the printer a convenient and practical device. The main application area of the printer recommended by the manufacturer is digital dentistry;

The 3D printer comes with Dental Synergy Slicer dental model cutting software, which has simplified the dental workflow with an easy-to-use interface. It can interface with 3D models of almost any format and is compatible with ChiTu Box V1.6.5, a slicer optimized for SLA / DLP / LCD 3D printers.

The goal of Phrozen 3D printers is to make professional 3D printing accessible to everyone. Created in Taiwan by the idea of three engineers, the company produces convenient devices that can print objects with high resolution at high speed using a variety of universal resins.

Phrozen’s affordable photopolymer resin printers provide the highest quality printing suitable for demanding jewelry, medical and dental applications.

Comes complete with Saremco Crowntec and Phrozen Water-Washable Dental Model Resin.

  1. Saremco Crowntec is an excellent biocompatible composite material for dental applications. The products made of it, permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, artificial teeth, are strong and durable.
  2. Phrozen Water-Washable Dental Model Resin has been specifically developed for the rapid production of high-precision tooth models.

Benefits of Dental Model Resin

Designed to be easily rinsed off with water, which means no more ethanol or IPA is needed to clean 3D resin prints.
When scanned with the Medit intraoral scanner, more than 90% of the deviations on scanned surfaces made with water-washed resin for dental models are within ±0.05 mm.
Thanks to low deformation and shrinkage, it is suitable for creating products with a perfect fit for dental models with removable dies, guaranteeing that no printed parts ever change their shape.
Phrozen flushable resin for dental modeling is easy to print and also easy to follow due to its low viscosity level.
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