If you’re a seasoned 3D printing expert and seeking a big 3D printer, look for no other. Modix 3D printers have been created to make the process of achieving those 3D printing needs as easy as it is. With some of the biggest print capacities on the market, Modix printers enable users to print large-scale models in one piece, which results in stronger produced parts and reducing how much time you be required to invest in post-processing.

The every Modix printer is made up of top-quality components sources from the most well-known companies in the market like E3D, Duet, and Hiwin just to name only a handful. In addition to having premium components, each aspect is Modix 3D printers including to the Chassis up to the Motion system, was constructed with the use of heavy duty with an eye towards being flexible enough to accommodate future upgrades or new technologies that can alter the marketplace as 3D printing develops.

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Modix 3D Printers are available for sale and are delivered as self-assembled kits. The process of purchasing and assembling the 3D Printer kit comes with many advantages over conventional model that are fully assembled. One of the most significant advantages is the hands-on and thorough knowledge you get from your printer following the instructions for assembly The 3D printer kits provide a significant degree of cost savings as well as flexibility in deciding where the new model will be placed your manufacturing facility.

The deep knowledge you get also means that you’ll have the skills needed to successfully update, maintain, and ultimately customize and personalize your Modix 3D Printer. This will ensure that the machine will continue operational and will continue to play an integral role in your workflow for many years to in the future.

Each Modix kit comes with a printed version as along with instructions for assembly online. These instructions will guide users through the entire assembly procedure with clear step-by-step textual and graphic instructions. The online guides also include videos that demonstrate each step, as well as 3D models that rotate to the various sub-assemblies , making the assembly process simple and incredibly easy.


Modularity is the core of Modix’s design concept. When you’re deciding which filament type or slicing software you prefer to use, or deciding what parts to enhance your 3D printer, Modix believes in giving customers the ability to choose.

The latest upgrades and other components such as hotends, air filters, or print heads configurations, are continually being evaluated to be used in conjunction with the Modix range of 3D printers. Based what model you choose, a variety of upgrades could already be as standard with the Modix 3D printer. Likewise, other parts are readily available to purchase when you purchase the printer making it easier for customers to meet their budget and 3D printing requirements. Furthermore, customized guides to customization are published regularly and available via Modix’s service portal on the internet which provides customers with the best level of service regarding any upgrades they might decide to make.


  • Modix BIG-120Z Printer Assembly kit
  • Z-Axis Guides: Hiwin Rails

Optional Add-ons:

  • Enclosure (Optional)
  • Secondary Printhead (Optional)
  • Duex Expansion Board (Optional)
  • Casters (Optional)

Important: Items are shipped directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer in the US. Lead times for orders are contingent on the availability of stock. Contact our MatterHackers Support Team to request more information regarding the most current lead times.



  • Technology FFF: Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Print volume: 600 x 600 x 1,200 mm / ~47 x 23.6 x 25 inch
  • Machine size: (WxDxH) 906 x 1060 x 2,000 mm / 61 x 41.7 X 53.4″
  • The weight of shipping: 140 KG
  • Assembly: Self-Assembly
  • Print chamber closed: Included
  • Type of enclosure: Aluminum composite panels (ACP) 3mm thick. Doors made of polycarbonate and top lid
  • FeetArticulated levels feet are included Casters are included


  • Print head: 1 print head includes, a second print head included.
  • The default filament diameter is1.75mm and can be changed into 3mm by the end user
  • Extruder model and brand: E3D Aero Extruder (direct drive)
  • Hotend brand and model: E3D Volcano, additional add-ons available V6 (detailed) and E3D Super-Volcano (high flow)
  • Included nozzles (mm):4, 0.6, 0.8 Primary hotend 0.4 for secondary hotend
  • Hotend maximum. temperature: 285oc
  • Optional hotend temperature max: 500oc, requires the PT100 thermistor.
  • Motors for extruders Motech Extruders with direct drive MT-1703HS168A with gear reductions of 1:3
  • Filament runout sensor A sensor that is specialized for each extruder


  • Axis X and Y line guides HIWIN MGW9
  • Z Axis guidelines: Smooth Rods included. Hiwin MGW9 optional
  • X & Y axis drive system: Gates GT2 width: 9mm, fiberglass reinforced
  • Z Axis drive system: SFU1204 Ball screw 2:5 reduction of belt gear
  • Motors with X axis: 2 X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Motor Y: 1X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Z Axis motors Four X Motech MT-1705HS200A
  • Resolution (XYZ): 4 X 4 X 0.5 micron
  • Speed of printing: Up to 150mm/s Based on the nozzle and layer height
  • Acceleration of printing: Up to 1000 millimeters per second 2


  • Bed plates: Alcoa Mic-6, 6.35mm milled aluminum plate
  • The number of heaters is: AC heater, 1,350 Watts per unit
  • Control of temperature Dual Autonics Controller for PIDs TCN4
  • Maximum temperature of the bed: 120oc
  • Leveling bed probe Touch probe for BL
  • The bed leveling process: Bed shape is assessed by probing 100 points.
  • Leveling of bed tilt: Semi-Automatic, controlled via an on-screen-macro
  • Motion bed system Four ball nuts. Each screw is connected to a specific stepper motor that is connected to a belt gear system.


  • Controller electronic:Duet3D: Duet2 Wifi
  • The user interface is7″ touchscreen – Duet3D’s PanelDue
  • Remote Control (WiFi):Upload Gcode files from your desktop
  • Direct connection SD Card, USB cable
  • EthernetOptional compatible with Duet3D Ethernet card. It is recommended to purchase and replace by the customer
  • Electronics (DC) power: Meanwell 24V/280Watt power supply providing power to the electronic and motion system. Universal AC input voltage: 110-230V 50/60 Hz
  • Bed heaters (AC) power: Direct AC feed, 1370W Silicone pad heater. Two variations are available with 110V and 230V versions. We can supply based on your shipping location. The power requirement for bed heaters for use in North America is a dedicated 15A outlet.
  • AC electricity cordsWe offer the needed AC cords for each country.
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