New QIDI TECH i-fast professional 3D printer with double extruder, ruby nozzle and other special features introducedd

3D printer manufacturer QIDI TECH has unveiled “i-fast,” a particularly powerful desktop 3D printer with a large build volume, high print speed and other features to suit professional applications. The 3D printer comes ready-assembled and features, among other things, a single ruby nozzle that is highly durable and provides consistent prints. In addition, carbon fiber and nylon are possible 3D printer materials with the QIDI TECH i-fast. We present the 3D printer in more detail.
The i-fast FDM 3D printer from QIDI TECH is a 3D printer with a completely closed installation space. It is delivered almost completely pre-assembled and only needs to be prepared for the first use with a few simple steps. This should be done in a few minutes even for beginners.

The QIDI TECH i-fast is suitable for beginners as well as professionals and offers a build volume of 330 x 250 x 320 mm (with double extruder) or 360 x 250 x 320 mm (with single extruder). This allows for the production of fairly large objects in a variety of 3D printer materials, including carbon fiber and nylon, making the 3D printer suitable for professional applications as well.

With a price of around 2,000, the QIDI TECH i-fast is one of the more expensive models, but in return it is also very well equipped. It is recommended for use in schools, universities, small and medium-sized businesses, but also for the hobby maker with the necessary small change and high demands on the 3D-printed parts.


Fast printing speeds of up to 150 mm / s are possible with the 3D printer. The QIDI TECH i-fast features a second-generation industrial-grade QIDI double Z-axis structure. The stable mechanical structure is said to enable more robust, production-quality parts.

A ruby extruder extrudes filament faster and smoother, producing more accurate print results. According to the manufacturer, printing speed has been increased by 20%. QIDI TECH’s i-fast can print a wide range of materials suitable for FDM 3D printing. These include PLA, PLA +, PETG, NYLON, ABS and many more. The heated chamber can be heated to 60 ° C.

The in-house developed QIDI slicing software supports the user with Normal Mode and Expert Mode. Beginners benefit from the normal mode with an intelligently set parameter system. Experienced users can change parameters as needed in Expert Mode and adjust print models even more precisely to their requirements. The printing process can be controlled via a 5-inch color touch display.

Special features

The single ruby extruder is much more durable compared to other stainless steel or brass extruder models and also prints more consistently. The ruby extruder does not clog easily and can print abrasive filaments and high temperature filaments without problems.

An automatic dual extruder is able to address the left and right extruder depending on software settings. The system can quickly switch between the two nozzles and print two colors with ease. A water-soluble PVA carrier can be used to produce production-level parts with complex structures and high precision.

If the 3D printer is used with the dual extruder, the print size is 330 × 250 × 320 mm. If it is used with a single extruder, the i-fast can print up to a print size of 360 × 250 × 320 mm. The 3D printer also features a filament run-out sensor and pauses 3D printing until new filament is added. It then completes the printed object without errors.


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