QIDI TECH X-Max 3D-Printer Review

With the QIDI TECH X-Max, the manufacturer Qidi Technology has launched a model with a large installation space and the option of being able to install two different extruders. Its intuitive touchscreen display, intelligent design and ease of use with maximum reliability make the QIDI TECH X-Max the ideal 3D printer for schools and other educational institutions that demand high quality 3D printed objects. Learn more about the X-Max 3D printer from QIDI TECH here and buy the X-Max at the best price from one of our partner stores.

Product information

With a build volume of 300 x 250 x 300 mm, the QIDI TECH X-Max also offers an extra-large print volume. This allows even large models to be printed from PETG, TPU, Nylon, PC, ABS, PLA and other materials by switching between the two extruders included in the circumference:

Extruder A is used for flexible materials such as TPU, ABS and PLA, as well as for low temperatures
Extruder B is used more for abrasive filaments such as nylon and PC and reaches temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius.
The QIDI TECH X-Max can achieve smooth surfaces on printed objects as well as layers as thin as 50 microns. Printing results are highly accurate thanks to excellent air and temperature control. In addition, the QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer is extremely powerful to print stable bridges and steep overhangs.

Because of the large 5-inch color display and multiple connectivity options, connecting to the QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer is a real pleasure. Thus, a connection can be established via USB, Ethernet or WLAN. In addition, any slicer can also be used to prepare the print files. Of course, QIDI recommends using the free version of Cura.

General specifications

Manufacturer: Qidi Technolgy
Year: 2018
Mechanical arrangement: Cartesian
Assembly: Completely assembled
Technology: Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
Weight: 27,9 kg
Frame dimensions: 600 x 550 x 600 mm


Aluminum frame
Feeding system direct drive
construction volume 300 x 250 x 300 mm
nozzle size 0,4 mm
Print head Single (a 2nd print head for prints from 250 degrees is supplied and can be installed and used alternatively).
Print bed material Magnetic removable plate
Bed leveling Manual (supported)
Max. Heating bed temperature 100 degrees Celsius
Max. Hot-end temperature 300 degrees Celsius
Pressure recovery Yes
Connectivity WiFi, LAN cable- USB drive
Camera No

Materials and Software

Materials PC, carbon fiber, nylon, TPU, PETG, PLA and ABS
Third party filaments Yes
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Operating systems Windows, Mac
Recommended slicer Qidi Print (Cura-based)

Many helpful features

The QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer also impresses with a great list of features. These include, for example, the flexible, removable and well-heated build plate. This is becoming more and more common on high-end and mid-range 3D printers, which greatly enhances the user experience. Due to the flexibility of the build plate, prints can be removed very easily and also adhere better to the build plate surface.

Another feature is the cleaning air filter. This significantly reduces the odor of filaments such as ABS or nylon while ensuring that harmful particles are captured in the filter. The X-Max operates relatively quietly at 50 dB.

Large build volume and intelligent design

Due to its large build volume, the X-Max can also print large models in one piece. The QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer features a smart design and allows you to choose between two included extruders. It also includes two filament loading areas (loading from the outside or inside, depending on the filament type).

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