QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer

QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer is designed for FDM printing of different types of plastic. Thanks to the closed chamber with the ability to maintain high temperature, the printer allows to produce high quality parts from ABS, PETG, PLA and other materials.

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The printer comes assembled and ready to print right out of the box. To prepare for operation, you need to connect the cables and calibrate the printing table.

QIDI Tech X-Plus has the possibility to replace the extruder with a device with higher heating temperature (up to 300⁰С) for carbon fiber and nylon printing. Two holders are provided for the plastic filament. The slot inside allows the engineering plastic to be heated before printing, which ensures an even and strong connection of the layers.

The printing area of 270x200x200 mm allows to realize different ideas. Stability and accuracy of construction is provided by double Z-axes.

Data transfer is carried out via LAN-cable and USB. Built-in Wi-Fi module allows the exchange of files for printing remotely from a laptop or smartphone, making the work with the printer even easier.

The 4.3-inch touch screen allows you to monitor print parameters and change settings.

Benefits of the QIDI Tech X-Plus

This desktop FDM printer is a great find for professional makers, modelers, and small production. High temperature printing with polycarbonate and nylon and a closed chamber will help to realize any technically challenging projects.

Features of QIDI Tech X-Plus:

large building area 270x200x200 mm;
closed chamber;
The ability to install an extruder with a heating temperature of 300°C;
no assembly required;
Magnetic substrate on the work table for easy separation of the workpiece after cooling.
Certificate of Zhejiang QIDI Technology Co.
198.3 Kb
Brand QIDI Tech
Country of manufacturer China
Printing material Plastic filament
FDM / FFF printing technology
DIY (assembly kit) No
Printer body Closed
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Extruder Type Direct
No. of print nozzles 1 pc.
Extruder temperature 300 °C
Temperature of table 120 °C
Printing area 270x200x200 mm
Print area X, mm 270
Printing area Y, mm 200
Printing area Z, mm 200
Guide rollers
Calibration Automatic
Print / printing speed 60 – 150 mm/sec
Layer thickness 50 µm
Full Color Printing No
Heatable table Yes
High temperature printing No
Video camera No
Plastic presence detection Yes
Resume system Yes
Compatible Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Additional Information
USB (USB flash drive), USB (cable), Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi
Size and weight
Product dimensions 600x500x500 mm
Packaging dimensions 750x650x650 mm
Net weight 23 kg
Gross weight 31 kg

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