Raise3D E2CF 3D printer

The E2CF is the new 2021 model from Raise3D.

It is based on IDEX technology, with two independent extruders, which gives users a number of advantages over the classic twin extruder arrangement.

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E2CF is optimized for printing with carbon fiber reinforced filaments and fits perfectly with Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF and Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF Support material for printing supports. In the future more carbon fiber reinforced filaments such as Raise3D PPA CF, PET CF, PPS CF (with printing temperatures from 280ºC to 300ºC) will be available for E2CF. In addition, third-party plastics certified by the OFP program, such as BASF and LEHVOSS, will be available for E2CF at a later date.

**E2CF only supports authorized filament and print profiles. For a complete list, please refer to the technical data or contact us.

The main differences between this printer and its predecessor, the Raise3D E2 model:

  1. Dual filament feed gears: with double the feed grip force and made of hardened components that are specially optimized for the increased wear that occurs when printing with fiber-armored filaments.
  2. Nozzles and feeding system of high durability: extruder and nozzles are functionally and mechanically improved for long-term use, allowing more than 1000 hours of printing with PA12 CF
  3. Stand-alone plastic spool drying boxes: to ensure stable printing process, E2CF is equipped with two self-contained sealed drying cases developed by Raise3D to solve the problem of high water absorption by nylon and fiber-reinforced filaments. These drying cases are attached to the printer, allowing materials to be stored in minimal humidity during printing.
  4. New automatic table calibration process with built-in assistant for fiber-reinforced filaments: The printer is equipped with a high-precision optical sensor with improved nozzle height calibration accuracy for better first layer adhesion and better print quality.

Designed for professional use in education, medicine, engineering and manufacturing processes.

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