Raise3D E2CF – Professional desktop 3D printer for processing carbon fiber filament.

Raise3D E2 CF is specially designed for 3D printing with carbon fiber reinforced filament and other composite materials. Carbon fiber filament impresses with low density, very high strength and at the same time is resistant to corrosion, static electricity and high temperatures. Carbon fiber plastics are used primarily in areas where the strength-to-weight ratio is particularly important. These include, for example, the aerospace industry and the automotive sector.

The most important features at a glance
✔ IDEX dual extruder
✔ Specially aligned for printing with carbon fiber-reinforced filaments
✔ Integrated filament sensor
✔ Closed printing chamber
✔ Network-compatible
✔ HEPA air filter
✔ Integrated camera
✔ Flexible printing platform
✔ Automatic calibration
✔ Long-life silicon carbide nozzles
✔ Dual Direct Drive Extrusion System
✔ Integrated filament drying boxes

The structure of the Raise3D E2 CF

Raise3D’s E2 CF 3D printer is durable, versatile, user-friendly, and provides a stable and accurate process.

raise3d e2 cf print head

Durable and abrasion resistant nozzles
The new silicon carbide nozzles feature good wear resistance and thermal conductivity. This allows abrasion to be significantly reduced, which is extremely important when printing with carbon fiber composite filament.

*Nozzles made of other materials suitable for printing carbon fiber filament will also be launched in the future.

Dual Direct Drive Extrusion System

The extruder’s gears are made of high-strength steel and have been heat-treated for even better wear resistance.

With a custom tooth profile, the filament is held firmly in the correct position, ensuring that it does not slip during extrusion. The clamping force of the conveying system has been increased to ensure the stability of the print.

Compatible with a wide range of carbon fiber filament

A variety of carbon fiber filaments can be processed on the Raise3D E2 CF, including PA+CF, PET+CF and PPS+CF. For optimal printing, Raise3D also offers a special breakaway support filament in addition to the carbon filaments. This means that even objects with complex geometries can be produced without any problems.

Filament Drying Box

The Raise3D E2 CF comes with specially attached filament drying boxes, these are used to place the filament correctly and feed the material more evenly. When the boxes are closed, they can effectively protect the material from dust and moisture for up to 30 days*.

Automatic interruption of the printing process

Another safety feature of the E2CF is that it automatically detects when a door is opened, in which case it immediately stops printing.

Power loss recovery

It is annoying when the filament runs out or the power supply is interrupted during a printing process. This can lead to the loss of a print job. For this reason, the Raise3D E2CF has a filament run-out sensor on both extruders. Should any of the above occur, they will issue a warning and the current print job will be saved. In addition, it has a power failure function that saves the print status in the event of a power failure and can resume printing at the same point when power is restored. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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