Raise3D Pro3 3D printer

The Raise3D Pro3 is a new professional 3D printer (https://top3dshop.com/blog/raise-3d-pro-3-3d-printer-review) which meets the needs of small batch production and prototyping and increases the efficiency of product creation in any field.
Looking very much like its predecessor, the Raise3D Pro2, it takes the best of its predecessor but with significant differences to make it more stable and user friendly.

Key features of the Raise3D Pro3 3D printer:

  1. Improved Extruder.
    The Pro3 extruder has been completely redesigned and features a quick-change system. This allows you to
    print different types of plastic, with a quick changeover from abrasive to regular plastics, reducing jams and allowing easy disassembly and replacement of components and reducing printer downtime. The hotend is designed with a latch, allowing it to be removed without additional tools.
  2. Enhanced print platform capabilities
    The Pro3 series is equipped with advanced print platform features to ensure high-quality printing.
    Automatic table calibration makes setting up the 3D printer quicker and easier.
    Flexible plate allows for easy removal of printed models.
    The Z-axis rod stiffness has been increased by 75% to ensure more stable operation.
  3. Air flow control for better heat dissipation
    The Air Flow Manager is located on the back of the printer to improve heat dissipation and air circulation and create a stable environment inside the print room. Also, the Airflow Manager has a HEPA air filter, the Airflow Manager can also filter and clean the air inside the chamber. This is important for reinforced plastics such as ABS, Nylon, Carbon, PolyCarbonate, etc. It also improves adhesion and prevents the model from sticking to the table.
  4. Built-in intelligent EVE assistant system
    The EVE Assistant helps users accurately find and fix problems that can affect the final print result. There’s also a feature that reminds users of regularly scheduled interventions to ensure the printer is serviced in a timely manner. This helps reduce maintenance time.
  5. Lightweight cable with digital temperature measurement
    In the Pro3 series, the chain cable has been replaced with a lightweight cable to reduce the weight of the extruder and keep the center of gravity in the middle during printing for more consistent print quality. Digital cable temperature sensing is also installed for an accurate and reliable readout.
  6. HD camera with improved image quality
    The 3D printer has an HD camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process of each job. This camera works when connected to RaiseCloud, allowing users to monitor each print job remotely and on the go. The Pro3 also features an upgraded CMOS sensor for better image quality.
  7. Power loss recovery
    The Pro3 series has an end-of-filament sensor on the extruders that alerts users when plastic is about to run out and saves the print job. There is also a second-generation power-off feature to save printing in the event of a power outage. Printing will continue from the same point when power is restored.
  8. Door Open Sensor
    When the printer door is opened, printing immediately pauses for user safety.
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